The Valentine One radar detector – the best model I ever used

Everyone who’s own a car for more than five years has probably tested two or three radar detectors in the search for the best radar after a while we all have our favorites. Mine is the Valentine One, and it’s because it’s simple, efficient and has never let me down.

I will start by telling you that this is one of the lightest units I have encountered and that this makes it easy to mount and reposition, while the magnesium shell offers low reflection, making it almost invisible to eyes outside your vehicle. However, because the Valentine One has radar sensors both in front, and in the back, it has to be mounted high enough to have a clear path for the signal coming from behind. What’s even more great about this two antennas that scan all around your car is that the device shows you where the threat comes from, with the help of red arrows pointing in the named direction. Plus, the bogey counter implemented by Valentine tells you the number of threats it detects at the same time. This collection of features might seem somewhat excessive for the small town driver, but if you think about it, they are designed to improve the communication between you and the surroundings, making it easier for you to notice threats and behave accordingly.

Ultimately, the discussion about how performant a radar detector is boils down to how quick it can detect a radar signal and if the range is operates on is large enough for you to reduce your speed before you’re picked down. With Valentine One, there’s no doubt you’re in good hands. This radar detector can sometimes pick up a beam that’s five miles away, but it is also very sensitive to laser beams, which might lead to a lot of false alarms if you don’t learn how to read it. As a countermeasure for a ride with too many false detections, you can choose to mute the detector, or to activate the auto-mute option.

The Valentine One radar detector can detect X, K and Ka bands, as well as the Ku band, mostly encountered in Europe, covering a large range of possible traps.

With a market presence of over two decades, the Valentine One is surely one of the most reliable devices in its category, and my experience with it has brought me nothing than satisfaction.