How to choose a crib for a boy



Picking the right crib for your baby boy requires a lot of thought given to different sets of features. This task might be too much for some parents, already overwhelmed with new information and the big responsibility coming their way. This is why we’ve prepared a short guide to help you focus on some of the key features to look for when you’re buying a good crib for a boy.

The variety of models and features on the market can be strained if you look for some safety features, the most important of them being a certification. While it’s not something you can assess at first sight, a certified model is one that meets the safety standards imposed nationally for cribs. Furthermore, look for teething rails, as they keep the child away from splinter injuries in the period their teeth come out and they bite on everything they can fit into their mouths. Another important aspect is for the crib to have a sturdy bottom, which will actually work as a support for the mattress, and therefore for your son’s body. Wood is more exposed to wear and might not hold on as well with time, but you can find metal supports with a much longer lifespan.


When you’re buying a crib in 2018, you’re not just buying a bed for the little one, but also a piece of furniture that has to fit in your house. Write down your available space and pick a crib that suits your possibilities. The type of crib you choose, however, is going to need a little more thinking. You can pick between a standard crib of medium quality that will do a good job for the first 24 months of your boy’s life, a convertible that will cost you some more money, but will absolve you from the hassle of buying a toddler’s bed, a portable one that can be folded and also rolled wherever you need to put it for almost the same price as a standard, or a multipurpose that will serve as different types of furniture, but will also cost almost twice the price of a standard crib.


There is no best option among these models, your choice having to depend solely on your needs, your budget and the space you have available.