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Regular vacuum cleaner or electric broom?

When entering an appliances store, we find ourselves surrounded by tens of possibilities and the thought we left home with turns rapidly into a tough decision. This is why it’s best to always gather some information beforehand, so that we don’t become enraptured by the mirage of technology. For instance, if you need a new vacuum cleaner, knowing the alternatives, such as the electric broom, and their advantages, will help you make a wiser decision.

The electric broom, or the stick vacuum, is basically a light and compact version of the upright vacuum cleaner, which is a more portable version of the classic, canister vacuum cleaner. So which one is the better option? Well, as in all cases, it depends on what you need.

While it operates on the same suction principle as the vacuum, the electric broom wasn’t designed to replace it. Its suction power is small, at least in comparison with what the vacuum is capable of. Also, most of the models are cordless, which means you can go with it everywhere in the house without being impaired by the length of the cord, but at the same time, that you will have to invest in batteries and have a limited performance time. Another downside of using batteries as a power source instead of a power outlet is the decreased performance of the motor.

All these being said, the electric broom seems to only be good for small areas and light cleaning, which is ultimately good, since this was the purpose of those who invented it in the first place.


A regular vacuum cleaner, on the other hand, is paired with a larger canister or bag, it has a powerful motor which translates to great suction power, and since most models are corded, a unlimited performance time. However, the regular vacuum also has its disadvantages: more power consumption, less portability, and the need to change the head when you change surfaces. Furthermore, a vacuum cleaner will make more noise than an electric broom ( you can read more on this subject here), which may be very annoying if you’re sweeping in an office full of people, for example.





In conclusion, our advice is to consider a regular vacuum for larger areas, such as a roomy apartment, or carpeted surfaces that may need strong suction power, and think about only using an electric broom in small spaces, bare floors and in between vacuuming sessions.