The best features you should look for in a new blow dryer



While the personal care product market keeps developing, it becomes more and more difficult to understand which are the features and technologies that we actually need. When it comes to blow dryers, the same question arises in front of the many accessories and other perks that accompany these products lately. Here are a few important features in a blow dryer that will make a huge difference in your experience.

Ionic technology


Be it artificially created, or induced by using ionic emitent materials such as ceramic or tourmaline, ionic technology will help your hair dry faster and minimize the damage heat and strong air flow usually produce on the hair. The way it works is pretty simple, as it just divides the molecule of water, making it easier for it to evaporate, and thus reducing the time your hair spends under the harmful action of the heat.


Infrared heat

While usual heat pierces the hair from the outside in, infrared heat works the other way around. When the core of the hair is the one that heats up first, the cover – cuticle in this case, has much less to suffer, better maintaining its integrity and health. Infrared heat is a benefit of the materials mentioned above, so you will usually find combinations of these two technologies.



If you’re about to spend money on a brand new blow dryer, you better make sure it comes with some attachments that will help you get the best out of your investment. Concentrator nozzles help you focus the airflow on a certain area. Diffusers, on the other hand, allow you to spread the airflow on a wider portion of hair, which makes it perfect for those with curly hair, or those that are on the run. Picks are best for creating volume, and you can also find other types of attachments as straighteners and adapters that will let you use two nozzles at a time.


Heat levels

Being able to set your blow dryer at the appropriate level of heat is crucial if you’re the owner of sensible, thin or frizzy hair. These types of hair are open to great damage when under the action of high heat, so the best blow dryer will give you the possibility of selecting the heat. Furthermore, a cool shot button will project a cool air stream on your hair, reducing overheating and sealing the cuticles. The cool shot is often praised for its efficiency in creating a shiny, glossy look on the hair.