A short guide on getting the right motorcycle helmet for your needs


If you have decided safety is vital when it comes to riding your beloved motorcycle, but you still want to do it in style, this short guide is for you. I will go through the must-haves of such an item, and how to tell quality apart from an unsafe knockoff.

Helmets should not miss from any rider’s equipment, as head injuries and accidents are quite frequent. They also help protect your cervical spine, meaning you won’t become tetraplegic in case you fall or collide with another object while speeding up on the highway.

In case you are out of time, and you don’t want to research this topic further, and you just want to see what options you have, here is a complete list with the best ones the online market has to offer. The list has only premium models, so you know whichever you choose to buy, that will be money well spent.

The first thing you have to look for when buying a helmet is the material it is made of. This is the thing that will make the model lightweight, comfortable to carry and to wear, as it won’t tire you if you wear it for a long time. A high-quality material translates into an extended service life.

Polycarbonate and fiberglass are very popular these days, as they can manage to survive any impact and damage. Another option is carbon fiber, especially when combined with an internal layer of polystyrene foam.

If you are a modern person, and someone who is always on the run, it is important that the helmets you choose reflect that. The best available models that seem to impress even the most critical reviewers are Bluetooth helmets. They allow you to answer calls, listen to your favorite tunes and even to listen to audiobooks while commuting.

Comfort features should matter too. The interior of the helmet, the part that touches your skin and hair, should be soft and kind to your tissues, while still being sturdy enough to protect you in case of an accident. If you live in a sunny area, double check for integrated sunshade, so the rays won’t blind you while you’re on the motorcycle.

And to continue with the must-have features, safety should be the keyword whenever you are buying something that is supposed to protect you. A fresh thing that seems to gain ground with manufacturers is the Multi-directional Impact Protection System, which is a new technology meant to reduce rotational forces when falling.

These are some of the essential elements of any helmet. You shouldn’t make any compromise when choosing a life-saving tool like this. Even if it’s a bit more expensive than you initially thought, it is better to save some money and to buy something that you know meets all the safety standards.